Restaurant Owner

 Our cafe was founded almost 20 years ago on the place where Sochi old market ("stary bazar" in Russian) used to be. It was surrounded by lush vegetation that was called Komsomolsky park.

When we started thinking about the name we didn't want to figure something out. We heard from our grandparents about the old market on this very place. And we decided to make our "old market" a place where people would gather to have some rest, have fun, talk. Our multinational city reminds of a noisy market. People of different origins come here to make a cheerful crowd.


ресторан старый базар в сочи

A lot happened since then, many things changed. But what remains is the cozy atmosphere and our traditions. For 20 years now the recipes of our main dishes remain unchanged - our famous "Lodochka" and borsch have the same taste they used to have back then. We still serve orders really fast: our 3-dish lunch is served within 30 minutes. Both students and presidents still like to drop by - like they used to.

We believe that stable means professional.





Wall art in the banquet hall was made by young designers of Sochi.

Part of the banquet hall deco was made by famous sculptor Akop Halafyan.

In the lower hall you can see a huge painting by Skripnikov, Russia's Artists' Union member. It reflects the hall's atmosphere - encouraging, noisy, cheerful. Lots of people feel cozy here.

We've chosen wood as our interior base. It's warm, cozy, and symbolizes genesis - of life and traditions. Wood also means we still have heights to reach.

We collect vintage items - kitchenware, household tools, musical instruments. They bear memories of old Sochi and its multinational crowd.